Abdur Razzak comes back to international cricket

Published: March 13, 2009

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There is no bar on Abdur Razzak to bowl in international cricket as the International Cricket Council (ICC) lifted the suspension on the Bangladesh left-arm spinner.

The 26-year old spinner received the clearance from the game’s governing body after he appeared for a reassessment of his action at the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) in Canberra on February 23.

“The ICC informed the BCB that Razzak’s bowling technique has changed to the extent that both his stock delivery and faster ball are now within the ICC tolerance level of 15-degree and his action is now legal. As a result the previous suspension has been lifted and Razzak is once again permitted to bowl in international cricket,” said a BCB statement yesterday.

Razzak, an effective bowler in the limited-version game, was reported for suspect action, exceeding the 15-degree permitted under ICC law, by on-field umpires Daryl Harper and Asoka de Silva after the second Test between Bangladesh and New Zealand in Dhaka on October 29.

After the ICC ordered an independent analysis it showed that Razzak’s elbow flex for both his stock delivery and the fastball ranged from 22 to 28 degrees but he overcame this problem after a rehabilitation programme for the last three months.

“I am now a relieved man. I can bowl again in international cricket. I was always confident about the clearance. It was very painful to see myself out of the team because of an illegal action. It is acceptable to be sidelined due to injury but how can one bear this pain?” the excited Razzak, who so far captured 111 wickets in 81 ODIs and seven wickets in five Tests, said.

“I first got the good news from Salahuddin (Mohammad) at midnight and you know he was even more anxious than me. My coach Jamie Siddons and many others helped me in the last few months during my rehabilitation programme but what Salahuddin did was exceptional. I can’t explain to you what a fatherly figure he is,” Razzak showered his praises on the national team fielding coach.

Razzak assured that he would be as effective as earlier despite the fact that he has changed his bowling technique.

“I just made some adjustment in my body movement, so I don’t think there is any reason to be worried with the effectiveness of my bowling,” said a confident Razzak, who was also reported for a suspect action in 2004 during the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

Salahuddin also believes that Razzak will be the same bowler as he was before his suspension. “He will be more effective if he could apply a few variations in the match that he had achieved during the rehabilitation programme,” he said.

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